Hey, I'm Sara!

I'm an Intuitive Financial Coach. I help women just like you and me that have BIG dreams to get back on track with their finances. It is time to take charge of our money so we can live on our OWN terms. 

My Vision and Mission is to Empower 100,000s Women to take charge of their finances so they can live the life they have always desired.


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Hello, I'm Sara!


Intuitive Financial Coach.

I Help Single and Divorced Professional Women Get Back On Track With Their Personal Finances And Take Charge Of Their Money So They Can Live Their Lives On Their Own Terms!

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You are a female with big dreams and aspirations.  And you know you are meant for BIGGER things...

However,  you feel that things out of your control make you feel like money is not letting you get to the next step. 

Also, and most importantly, the thought of not having enough to retire or run out of money is daunting. 

But no more...

Finance Babe is a platform to help women get real and back on track with their personal finances.  



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About Sara...

What I do sounds simple, I help Professional Women to become financially fit by teaching them about money.  But there is more to what meets the eye and soul than just that.  As an Intuitive Finance Coach, I discovered that it is not just about focusing on budgets, getting rid of debt, or avoiding splurging.  It is more about what is stopping you from achieving the abundance that you are yearning for. 

Money problems are seldom the real problem, they are just the symptoms of a deep pain within.  I am here to empower your to go to the root of the problem and transform your financial life... 

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"Financial Education Is The Path To Freedom."


Sara Chevere

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Finance Babe Academy is everything you need to know about managing your money and finances with ease.  This is about learning the concepts of wealth and how to use your intuition to achieve your goals and live your biggest dreams.  FBA will help you shift your money blueprint and transform your financial life.

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