[MMM 5] How To Get Rid Of Your Student Loan?

Season #1 Episode #5

The cost of a college degree keeps going up, but I am not sure if the value of a college degree is going up too. What do you think? Over the past decade, the prices at a University has increased to a point that more students are forced to get student loans.  The challenge is that it is becoming extremely difficult to pay them back in a short period of time.  The current student loan debt in the US is over 1.5 trillion dollars and the average student loan debt is about $37,000. That is about 10% down payment on a $370,000 house.  Yikes!  This is pretty alarming.  Do you have student loan debt?  Or do you know someone that does?    Well, I have invited The College Investor founder Robert Farrington to give us some advice on what it has to do with college and student loans.  Robert Farrington is the founder of The College Investor, a personal finance site dedicated to helping people get out of student loan debt and start investing. He is a student loan debt expert, and knows how to navigate the complex system of student loans in the United States today. Learn more at TheCollegeInvestor.com Here are some of the questions that he will be answering for us.  Where should you go to get your degree? What are your options when paying off student loans?  What are some practical ways to make more money and get rid of your student loans? Should millennials save money as they are paying off their student loans? I think the most important question he answered for us.  These questions and more, he will be answering for us.  Also, he has a free gift for us... https://thecollegeinvestor.com/free-student-loan-course/ Learn the steps you need to get out of student loan debt in 5 days with this simple email course. Enjoy!