[MMM7] Setting Your Kids For Financial Success!

Season #2 Episode #1

We all love our children and we want to give them the best.  However, sometimes we forget about their future.   Sometimes we think that they are too young or it is too early to set them up for success.

Today, I am going to show you the smart way to help your kids not to worry about money ever. 

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There is a plan:

  • That has tax-free growth
  • That use the funds for tax-free income
  • That you can open a plan for your child as early as 14 days after birth
  • That cash values can be used by your child for any financial need in life including education, down payment on a home, starting a business and even provide financial security for their future family
  • That you can use the funds in the plan, while it continues to grow
  • That has a steady, predictable growth (on average 8%)
  • That parents, grandparents, legal guardians, aunts or uncles can open these plans and will own and control the policy for as long as they like
  • That the ownership can be handed over to the child at any time, tax-free after they turn 18
  • That is a life insurance plan; your child will be covered, regardless of any illness that may arise
  • That is an asset that either you or your child can use for retirement
  • That it’s entirely funded after 20 years. No further deposits are required

Learn more about it in today's episode.  

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https://www.sarachevere.com/blog/the-smart-way-to-set-up-your-kids-for-life Part 1