What Does Success Look Like?

coaching success Sep 28, 2017

"What does success look like?" This is the question that my Business Coach asked me this past weekend as we were together in a room of amazing entrepreneurs at heart.  The energy in the room was so positive, heart-centered, energy, and motivation. 

When I heard that question, I felt a deep heaviness inside me and then right after, I felt a burning desire to take the leap and stop living within my comfort zone and do what I knew I was capable of achieving. 

I would like to ask you the same question.  What does success look like to YOU?

I would like you to close your eyes for a moment and visualize that success looks to you.  It could be not having a 9-5 job, maybe a successful business, maybe been able to travel more, or not to have to worry when to work.  Probably success is starting a family or have more time with your kids.  Or create an empire and be recognized on TV, Radio or Stages.  Again, just take a moment and think what...

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