What Is The Purpose Of A Budget?

If you are wondering why do you need to create a budget or spending plan,  I am going to tell you on this blog. 

No matter if you like it or hate it, having a budget can help you improve your finances immediately.

The reason to have a budget or a spending plan is so you can spend intentionally on the things that are most important to you. This is the first step to financial freedom even though it sounds like it is not.  Why?  

  • First, because you will eliminate the guilt on how your money it is spent. 
  • Second, because if you create a budget and decide where your money is gonna go, you will feel in control and empowered.  
  • Third, because you know that you will have money every time to either put aside or to be able to achieve your bigger goals that are not immediate.  
  • Fourth, because it will eliminate the guessing game on where did your money go at the end of the month. 

You are planning out everything in...

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Talking Finances With Your Significant Other


The number one reason couples split up and ended in divorce is Money

One reason is that they have a different point of views on how to manage the finances. The other reason is that they both have weak money habits and cannot handle it correctly.  

The lack of communication in a lot of couples could create more debt in the household.  Why?  Because where there is not a good communication, it creates a void. And most likely, shopping, things will be filling up the emotional gap. 

Ask Yourself: 

Are there any secrets when it comes to finances within your household?  Sometimes one of the spouses doesn't know what the other is either spending or saving.  A lot of times, one of them don't know what the other's income is.

They do talk about money, but not openly and honestly. 

  • I know couples that purchased things behind the back of their spouse. 
  • I know couples that one of them have a secret savings accounts because...
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