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How To Meet Women's Financial Needs?

We all know that numbers and numbers. However, when it comes to the topic of money and finances, there are differences between how women and men approach it.

The way we want to be communicated about money and the way we want to learn about money is different from men.

Why does it matter that we have a different type of communication regarding financing?

Women make 80% of the household buying decisions, even the most critical and most significant decision which is the home. They decide where to live, and for the most part, they choose based on the way the kitchen and bathroom looks.  If they are not happy with the home, the configuration, and even the location, they will not want to purchase. 

Women control 51% of the personal wealth in America. If you don't think so, ask yourself, who buys most of the clothing, groceries, makeup, hair salon, nail, baby and kids items?  We are the trendsetters, we determine what will work and what don't. 

Women outlive men on...

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7 Things That Make Women Financial Needs Different From Men

#finances #money #women Nov 03, 2017

This might come as a surprise, but the reality is that women have different financial needs than men.  Why? Because we are different, we are treated differently, and our lives are different than men.

So today we are going to review 7 things that make women financial needs different from men. 

  1. The Pay Gap- As women, till this date, we are still getting paid less in the workforce.  This is due to various reasons.  One of them is that when a woman looks for a job, if she doesn't have at least 90% of the requirements for the job, she will not apply, and if she does, she will feel that she doesn't "deserve" to negotiate because she didn't have all the qualifications.  As for men, if they have at least 60% of the requirements, they will apply as they say to themselves, I can figure out the rest.  Plus they will negotiate their salary as well.   The other thing that causes the pay gap, comes directly from the employers, a lot of them still think...
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