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Why You Need To Rethink Life Insurance And What You Should Know About It

This year the Global Pandemic (COVID-19) has raised awareness about how uncertain life can be. We are no longer sure about how long we can count on things that made us so strong. Simple things such as the freedom to go out; our dependency on security infrastructures; the mere feeling that we were covered for life. 

In the most tragic cases and the most unexpected turn of events, we may even have to deal with the loss of a loved one. When the main breadwinner of the household is no longer around, you are forced to rethink your options in life.

According to LIMRA, almost 50% of Americans lack life insurance in the household or don't have enough coverage for contingencies. Statistics show 1 in 3 families have expressed their inability to afford a life without the support of the main wage earner. The pandemic has the potential to worsen this ratio as more and more people fall prey to employment losses and economic challenges. 


How can life insurance provide security and...

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7 things I stopped doing during the pandemic

I was thinking about you today, and I am imagining that due to everything that is happening right now, you might start feeling the financial pressure.

 A lot of people have lost their jobs or temporarily not working. Others, their income has been reduced. However, others are striving, their income is going up, and they are helping a ton of people.  

 Maybe you have been affected directly or indirectly. But I want to share with you a few things that I stop doing to help me strive financially during these tough times. 

First, I stopped watching the news on T.V., and here is why. It is essential to stay informed; however, viewing the report on the television has proven over and over to lower your vibrational state.  

Having a low vibration, especially after watching the constant negative news, is going to impact negatively everything else you do, as this state will last much longer than the time you spend on the T.V.  

I have opted to...

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