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What does your Enneagram Personality say about your financial habits?

Enneagram has become quite a buzzword these days. We hear social influencers talking about it and raving about what it can do for your personality. Enneagram is also being used very frequently by people to understand what motivates you to do something in your life. 

Many financial analysts are now starting to vouch for its ability to help people understand their subconscious mind and deal with conscious money matters. Based on how well you know yourself, you will be in a much-informed position to decide the budget, planning, and saving. Eventually, you can build a stronger relationship with money, and maybe even become richer!

What can Enneagram do for you, and how it can help your financial outlook? Find out here: 

Enneagram: A reflection of your personality

Enneagram is a tool that helps you identify your personality type and understand how you emotionally connect to the world outside of you. This personality typing system reiterates that there are nine kinds of people...

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