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Female Entrepreneurs: Prepare a Fallback Plan for an Economic Downturn

The year 2020 hasn’t been kind to a lot of us, and perhaps even that is an understatement. Reeling from the devastating impact of COVID-19, the world is trying hard to make a recovery. From a business standpoint, the effect of the pandemic has been somewhat varied. Different industries/groups have had to endure different types and levels of crises.

However, one group has had to bear the brunt of the economic catastrophe unleashed by the novel coronavirus. Female entrepreneurs (and working women in general) have been hit especially hard by the recession that gripped the world following Covid-19. Several women-owned businesses both at home and abroad couldn’t survive and needed to be shut.

Getting the Short End of the Stick

As per a recent US Chamber of Commerce survey, the ratio of female business leaders who ranked the overall health of their enterprise as “somewhat or very good” was 60% in January 2020. By July, this number had declined to 47%. During the...

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How The Pandemic Is Pushing Women To Take Charge of Their Own Finances

It’s probably been said a million times already, but I believe I need to say it again here at the outset. 

“The world might never be the same again thanks to 2020.”

The global spread of the coronavirus earlier in the year demonstrated just how uncertain life really is. Yes, death can meet anyone at any time whether or not there’s a pandemic in your area. But there’s a lot more you need to be prepared for. 

As the planet went into lockdown, we all became painfully aware of our vulnerabilities. The seemingly simple but crucial things can no longer be taken for granted. Going forward, alternative options to secure our futures will be needed to hedge against unexpected occurrences like COVID-19. This applies to all areas, especially health, money, power, or overall well-being. 

For working women, this means a whole lot of responsibility to tread carefully. We know that they have borne the brunt of the pandemic. If you can relate to this, now...

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