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Ego vs Intuition. What's the difference?

#ego #intuition Apr 01, 2021

According to The Conversation, nearly half of the Americans believe in their intuition to know what's true. But what do the rest half of the people follow? The answer is “there could be many of the underlying emotions influencing one’s decision power." These underlying emotions sometimes appear as manifested beliefs based on past experiences, or sometimes they appear as the fear, or sometimes they appear as the voice in your head. All these emotions come under the tag of your "Ego."

Has it ever happened to you when you’re about to make a new move, take a tough decision, or faced with something unusual? You're advised to “believe in your instincts, or move with your gut?" Everyone's been there at least once in a lifetime. You might have been repeatedly told to listen to your inner voice, but, in reality, it's surprisingly complex because your inner voice is not always your intuition. Often it is your mind and ego speaking to you, and following them blindly...

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