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4 Steps to Overcome Self-sabotage

Have you ever come across a situation where your fear and anxiety preclude you from taking up a new project or any decision that might put you in a good position? Did you ever find yourself among the chaos of past experiences limiting your potential? 

Is it Intuition Or Fear?

According to a survey, about 39% of people surveyed would not pursue their dream job out of their fear, while 14% accepted that their fear negatively affected their careers. This is something that limits your chances to attract more of the positive things in life.

Often, what we feel is not valid. For example, you receive a project that you have been longing for long, and you know that it would open doors of growth for you, but suddenly, you get uncomfortable feelings about it that stop you from taking it up. So, you see, your fear and anxiety keep you away from what you believe could benefit you and this self-sabotaging behavior keeps you stuck with your money.

A common question that might pop in such...

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