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How To Boost Your Financial Confidence With a Positive Money Mindset In 2021

Have you been thinking about becoming more financially stable in the new year? Was 2020 a setback for you in terms of money matters?

According to a survey, 49% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and 53% of people do not even have an emergency fund to cover their expenses! If you're one of those who can't seem to save their cash no matter what and are still struggling to set up a savings account, this article is for you.

Before we dive into strategies that will give you the ability to build a stable financial position, it is essential to understand the importance of money's right mindset. A money mindset is a set of unique plans and attitudes regarding your income and how you spend it. It's a way of thinking that influences essential decisions such as the amount of money you should pay, save, invest, or donate over a given period.

To have a healthy money mindset, it is essential to feel confident and optimistic about your purchases. It also helps you develop positive vibes even...

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7 Steps To Talking Finances With Your Partner

Experts agree that the solution to solidify a relationship is by being honest about talking about finances with your partner. 

According to a TD Ameritrade study, 41% of divorced Gen Xers and 29% of Boomers say they ended their marriage due to disagreements about money. 

However, knowing about where you stand as a couple when it comes to money and finances and what you can accomplish together is a recipe for success in a relationship. It builds trust and a sense of togetherness.

Of course, things would be a lot easier if these conversations were made before getting married and then continued during the marriage.

Here are the reasons most couples stop talking about money:

  • Fear of being judged by their partner or in-laws
  • Fear of disagreements that will lead to divorce
  • Fear of rejection
  • Avoid increased anxiety 
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of having to be honest about secret spendings or secret accounts
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of becoming vulnerable
  • Fera of projecting...
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Planning out female-owned businesses in 2021: What you need to know?

According to a survey, women own four out of ten businesses in the United States. This number has increased by 114% during the last twenty years. We've seen some incredible women entrepreneurs that have run great businesses and made sure they were financially sound throughout their journeys. 

However, many have faced quite a few challenges in their entrepreneurial experiences as women, especially during Covid-19. In one of its latest studies, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has revealed that women-owned businesses have suffered much during the pandemic in such a way that the overall health has deteriorated from 60 to 47% in July 2020. Lack of funds and saturation in the market has resulted in an economic crisis in the current scenario.

My mission is to make sure you recover from these setbacks as soon as possible and have all the necessary information to kick off a remarkable year!

While planning to start a business in 2021, women require proper planning and management, and here's...

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4 Reasons Why Financial Literacy Is Key For Women Entrepreneurs?

Women are one of the most critical business drivers in today's global economy. They represent half of all international business graduates, comprise a large part of the work-force, and formulate 1/3rd of the total percentage of entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Today, we are proud to see women who have committed to diversified roles in all professions worldwide. Their ability to be efficient managers has pushed them to explore new paths and reach new heights.

At the same time, however, women are not as financially literate as their male counterparts. They are often under the impression that financial matters are better-taken care of by men or that they have to rely on a family member for financial management support. 

Independent research conducted to look at women's financial literacy projected that women were more likely to fail at a financial literacy quiz than their male peers. The data suggests the low ability of women to decipher the terms involving in-depth financial...

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Want To Build Smart Spending Habits? Here Are 4 No-fail Ways To Get Started.

The changing dynamics of the world might have led Americans to change many things, but saving habits is not one of them. According to the Atlantic, nearly half of the US citizens do not even have $400 in their accounts as a reserve in emergencies. These statistics are bleak and point to a grave financial situation that we all find ourselves in. Saving rates in many of the developing economies of the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and European countries, have been increasing steadily. However, America is not one of them. 

The Covid-19 pandemic locked most of the Americans in their homes, and with traveling, dining out, and other activities outside their families came to a static halt, it appeared that we were saving more. The savings aggregate improved for a few months. Still, while talking to CNBC, financial experts reported that the current trend might have significantly less or no lasting effects on Americans’ saving habits. 

Our poor saving habits...

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What does your Enneagram Personality say about your financial habits?

Enneagram has become quite a buzzword these days. We hear social influencers talking about it and raving about what it can do for your personality. Enneagram is also being used very frequently by people to understand what motivates you to do something in your life. 

Many financial analysts are now starting to vouch for its ability to help people understand their subconscious mind and deal with conscious money matters. Based on how well you know yourself, you will be in a much-informed position to decide the budget, planning, and saving. Eventually, you can build a stronger relationship with money, and maybe even become richer!

What can Enneagram do for you, and how it can help your financial outlook? Find out here: 

Enneagram: A reflection of your personality

Enneagram is a tool that helps you identify your personality type and understand how you emotionally connect to the world outside of you. This personality typing system reiterates that there are nine kinds of people...

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How To Measure Your Financial Performance As a Female Entrepreneur in 2020?

According to studies, women-owned businesses have increased by 114% in the last decade, and women own about 39% of firms (held privately) in the United States! 

At the same time, several gender-based obstacles and unfavorable business conditions surround women. Even though they are passionate about driving change, it is not hard to see why women entrepreneurs may be struggling to maintain their businesses.

Despite the growing success of businesswomen and female entrepreneurs in the industry, studies show that women-led ventures are more likely to collapse and not meet their intended goals. This is due to several reasons: lack of professional financial assistance, an inability to follow a financial budget, or investing more resources than needed.

However, this does not mean that they can't learn and get ahead of the game! The 2019 Forbes list of America's richest women included a diverse set of women from many industries such as cosmetics, fashion, technology, and many more!


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6 Expenses To Consider Before Adopting A Pet

Most of us have considered adopting a pet at least once in our lifetime. The urge is natural since pets are adorable and make great companions. Pet owners are also less likely to feel lonely or stressed, and children responsible for pets often stay alert and healthy. 

Owning a pet seems appealing since it comes with significant advantages, but the decision to adopt one must not be made impulsively. One must be aware of the responsibilities and expenses of pet ownership to help you make the right choice for yourself and the animal you will possess. 

Before making the adoption, it is crucial to keep in mind all initial and potential expenses during the pet's life. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the average pet owner spends $235 a year in medical costs for a dog and $160 caring for a cat. Illness and accidents add to this amount significantly. Some estimates say you may end up spending seven times more than you expect to...

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'Tis the Season to Plan Christmas Gifts That Mean Something

The holiday season is here. 

All of us are in a shopping frenzy, getting that last minute booking and a special present before the season begins officially. This year, the meaning of getting gifts for our loved ones might have changed a bit. Many of us decided to shop online and avoided social contact as a result of the pandemic. 

On the bright side, holidays are still the same. We love shopping, whether in-store or online. 

Christmas is by far the most popular holiday in the US. And so, as expected, spending patterns and bills at this time of year around are usually quite noticeable for each household. The tradition of exchanging gifts is a warm gesture that improves family ties within family and friends. However, it can quickly turn into a financial burden if not planned ahead of time with a prudent approach. 

According to Investopedia, the average American is expected to spend $998 on gifts and holiday items in 2020, which is only $50 less than last year's...

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How Women in Network Marketing Can Scale Up Business in the Post-Pandemic Environment

The global economy has been in a bit of a tailspin ever since the novel coronavirus started spreading its tentacles around the world. Countless businesses have taken a hit. And while recovery efforts are in full swing as we approach the first anniversary of the emergence of COVID-19, it would be a while before everything is back to normal. 

However, some sectors are thriving in the current climate as well. The most obvious one being pharmaceuticals. Others include ed-tech, logistics, consumer goods, network marketing (MLM), etc. It’s this last segment that has grown a fair bit since the onset of the pandemic, particularly in the United States. 

COVID-19: A Blessing in Disguise for network marketers?

Worth more than $35 billion today, the network marketing industry is evolving quite rapidly. This is largely due to the Internet, social media, and online forums that brands now have access to wider audiences. Compared to the past when door-to-door sales used to be the...

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