How To Meet Women's Financial Needs?

How To Meet Women's Financial Needs?

financial needs money women Apr 01, 2019

We all know that numbers and numbers. However, when it comes to the topic of money and finances, there are differences between how women and men approach it.

The way we want to be communicated about money and the way we want to learn about money is different from men.

Why does it matter that we have a different type of communication regarding financing?

Women make 80% of the household buying decisions, even the most critical and most significant decision which is the home. They decide where to live, and for the most part, they choose based on the way the kitchen and bathroom looks.  If they are not happy with the home, the configuration, and even the location, they will not want to purchase. 

Women control 51% of the personal wealth in America. If you don't think so, ask yourself, who buys most of the clothing, groceries, makeup, hair salon, nail, baby and kids items?  We are the trendsetters, we determine what will work and what don't. 

Women outlive men on an average of 15 years. Therefore, women will inherit money and will have to find ways to take care of themselves, support themselves, and have some care later in life.  

Women are, for the most part, are the primary caretaker in a household. Because we take care of the children, we want to make sure that our loved ones are protected.  We want to decide what is best for our family, especially our children. 

As women, our transitions in life are different. Again, we live longer, we get sick, we need disability, homecare, and long term care.  We want to review those options as well to prepare ourselves. 

And we need more confidence in the financial decisions that we make in life. 

The only way to gain confidence is through education and knowledge.

Unfortunately, financial advisors want you to give them your money without educating you and inform you of your best options. Because if they do, they will not make as much money.

It doesn't matter if the Financial Advisor is fiduciary or not. If they have to put food on their table, they will look at options that make them the most money.

But women are smart; we want to make sure that we understand where our money is going. We also want to acquire knowledge on how to take charge of our finances so we can live our lives in our terms.

We want to understand topics like:

  • How to create a spending plan
  • How to prepare for retirement
  • How to care for kids
  • How to care for aging parents
  • How to prepare for the kids' college
  • How to start a business
  • How to manage the business finances
  • What to do in case their spouse pass or case of divorce
  • What to do if there is a job loss or career change
  • What to do in case of illness in the household
  • And so much more...

This is why I have made it my vision and my mission to educate women about finances and money. I think that the more knowledge we have, the better the direction we can take and a better outlook in life and our future we will have.

Not sure where you start?  Just click here and set up a time to chat.

Financial Education is The Path to Freedom - Sara Chevere

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